Second Hob's Adventure training session in Slovenia, primary school Domžale

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On April 9th, the Slovenian Hob's team had a second meeting/workshop. This time we met at the primary school Domžale, the branch school Ihan. 30 participants from 17 kindergartens and primary schools took part in the workshop.

Our meeting was made up of two parts. In the first part, the participants were active outside. They were divided into small groups. A path was prepared, where QR codes were utilized to solve the tasks. All tasks were related to biodiversity around the school. They were learning about different flowers, trees and small animals such as ants, worms, etc. A worksheet was prepared and they had to solve it. The participants also had to take photographs of their tasks and show them to others later.


Through this activity they have learned how to use digital technology and how to bring nature closer to students. With the use of digital technology we can motivate students to learn and it is a fact that they prefer this kind of learning. They learn outside, they are physically active and, in addition, are using digital technology.

In spite of rainy weather, the participants enjoyed and had a lot of fun. They have learned how to use QR codes and also how to create them.


In the second part of the meeting, the participants already presented their first examples of lesson plans. We have seen a lot of interesting examples, so everyone could find some idea, which could be transferred to their everyday work/activities in kindergartens/schools.

We all shared the same opinion that it is very important that pupils are as active as possible so that they can learn best and gain more experience.

At the end of our meeting, we split up thinking positive thoughts, convinced that we are doing well for our students.

Contributors: Gregor Cerar, Jasmina Mlakar