HARED NPO - Centre for Training and Development is a small, non-profit family organisation which aims to introduce principles of sustainable development to municipalities, educational institutions and other organisations which wish to benefit from unique developmental planning. We manage projects in the public sector, including educational, organisational, managerial, environmental and sustainable development projects. We provide training in the fields of management, organisation development, and education for sustainable development.

Additionally, we open-source publish prepared materials. HARED plays an integral part in teacher training in Estonia. We are also part of an international network of training and development specialists and organisations. HARED has more than ten years of experience running adult training and other events. 

The skills and expertise of key persons of HARED are as follows:

Georg Aher worked in the public sector, focusing mostly on education policy at the state and municipal level. He served as undersecretary at the Ministry of Education, deputy mayor of Tartu and the head of the education department in Võru.  His skills include developing and managing national and international projects (including ERDF). 

Georg’s primary expertise lies in education for sustainable development, and school management, development of strategic plans (municipality, school, etc) and surveys. He also has extensive experience in adult training: strategic planning, education and school management, education for sustainable development, and nature.

Sirje Aher also has extensive work experience in the public sector. Following a career in education policy, she has worked in the field for 20 years managing a variety of national and international education and sustainable development projects. For example heading the ERDF Central Baltic Interreg IVA project “Communicating Baltics - COBWEB” from 2009 until 2011 as the project manager in Tallinn's Environmental Department. Her work focuses on many of the same issues as Georg: education for sustainable development and school management, development of strategic plans (municipality, school etc) and surveys. She also has similar experience of adult training: strategic planning, education and school management, education for sustainable development, and nature.

Below is a list of projects from the last five years that we're most proud of:

- ERDF Central Baltic programme Interreg IVA– Finnish-Estonian  project: ''Safe and Active Schoolday'' 2009- 2012 (45 schools from Tallinn, 44 schools from Turku, primarily to promote mobility of children during breaks, and to raise the level of participation of pupils in decision-making at school)

- Grundtvig programme Project ''LANEFIES - Best Practice Network for Education for Sustainable Development'' 2013-2015 – main partner, cooperation between Estonia, Finland, Latvia and the Netherlands.

- Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Development Programme Project in Ukraine – ''Democratic Sustainable Education in the Grassroots'' 2013-2015, project managers, main idea to promote democratic decision making process through raising environmental awareness and education for sustainable development.

- Environmental education programmes for Tallinn pupils – financed by the Estonian Environmental Investment Centre. HARED provided 5 different environmental education programmes, including outdoor programmes, for 121 classes during the 2015/2016 school year.