National meeting in Iceland, March 5, 2019

Stori-Klofi-elsti-2009 (1).jpg

Participants from Iceland got together online for a national training session to discuss the project, our progress and next steps. Many of the schools are well underway in creating and testing their Hob‘s activities. The teachers expressed how important it is to be creative and innovative within the parameters of the project, and to let interest, both the teachers‘ and the students‘, guide the development of the activities.

Many of the activities focus on cultivation, indoors and out, and let students learn from firsthand experience what plants need to grow. One theme that these activities share is linking cultivation to sustainable lifestyles. One interesting point of discussion that arose is the role of conservation of native species versus cultivation of imported species for consumption or other purposes. This will be an important theme to include in the lessons and in discussions with students.

Drafts of activities from all the participating Icelandic schools were submitted after the national meeting to receive feedback from Landvernd. The Icelandic Hob‘s participants are looking forward to hosting the next transnational meeting in Iceland in June and to testing out activities from other countries in our schools.

Contributor: Caitlin Wilson