»Learning in nature and with nature« - the third Hob's Adventure national meeting in Slovenia

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From the 30th of May until the 1st of June, 2019, the first Eco-Schools programme coordinator camp was held in Slovenia. It was attended by 80 coordinators from kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

On Friday, May 31st, we combined the camp with the 3rd Hob's adventure national meeting. It was attended by 24 participants from 14 participating institutions.

The meeting took place on Pohorje, one of the mountains in the northeast part of Slovenia at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level.

Pohorje is very popular with tourists, offering a lot of possibilities for recreation (hiking, skiinig, mountain biking and much more). It is one of the most untouched areas of Slovenia and Central Europe. It is the only silicate mountain in Slovenia and is important for its geomorphological, hydrological, biological and cultural landscape.


One of the most important routes on Pohorje is Rozka's forest learning path, which we walked along with forester. Running three kilometres, with 17 marked stations, it allows one to learn about the Pohorje forest, it's growth and development.

The highest point of the forest learning path is the tower Razglednik at 1147 m above sea level, revealing a wonderful view of the valley below.

At the end of the path, we got acquainted with some games based on forest pedagogy. Participants were delighted to test themselves in games that we can easily integrate into everyday teaching and learning process. Through these games, students can in a fun way approach nature, recognize their own feelings and respond to them. Participants learned from a forestry professional how to promote childrens curiosity, creativity and competence in matters related to the forest.

 In the afternoon, the participants presented their examples of lesson plans. Again, we received many interesting ideas that we can use in our work.

We concluded the meeting with a pleasant walk to the waterfall. On the impermeable rocky base of Pohorje, the most common surface water network in Slovenia was formed. There are unique marshes, lakes and waterfalls. One of these waterfalls is Skalca, 14 m high, which was very watery due to previous heavy rainfall.

It was a very pleasant day, full of new ideas and sharing experiences. We are all looking forward to the next meeting.

 contributors: Gregor Cerar, Jasmina Mlakar

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